Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Born With Ants in My Pants

So many lessons, so little time.

I'm a go-er. A do-er. Unlike my 20 year old counterpart, this Anderson sister has a real problem LAYING. Just sitting and doing absolutely nothing. I really tried to 'just be' this weekend and it was like torture to my soul. I'm not over exaggerating. Okay, yes I am, but only because it makes for a good story. But yikes, it freaked me out exactly how much I like to GO. DO SOMETHING. ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING. FOR GOODNESSAKE, BECOME SOMETHING.

(side note: I learned this weekend that I should NOT BECOME a boat-backer-upper. I have gentle hands, you see, but very LARGE biceps that can't find the "slow and easy" button for reverse. Just kidding. But apparently I have no control over boats. Or my mouth, but that's neither here nor there. Moving on.)

I'm a go-er.

This is what I tried to do for many minutes. It worked for about 20 of those minutes at a time.

Then this is what happens on the 21st minute -- a Ridiculous Pose photo shoot. This pose wins.

Then this is what happens after all ridiculous poses are chronicled. Ashley must GO. BECOME. a slalom ski-er. I'll be damned if I still have to get up on two, but I'm a champ at kicking one off!

I'm seriously laughing so hard right now thinking about how many times Alyssa's rolled her eyes at this post since she started reading it. Kisses, sister.

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C. Currie said...

Love the poses - Lake looks fun! Can't wait to join ya!