Saturday, September 18, 2010

Operation: Oklahoma Optimism

Oh, Today, you sweet beautiful day ... full of carrot cake muffins and coffee ... quiet bakeries just made for studying ... sunshine from all angles ... the promise of a new church experience in the morning! OOOOH SQUEEZE THE HAPPINESS FROM MY VEINS AND MAKE IT HURT SO GOOD.

I'm having one of those happy days. It might have something to do with the fact that I slept past 6:30am without the screams of a 10 month old. OR A TEXT FROM HIS MOTHER REMINDING ME THAT HE WOULD NORMALLY BE SCREAMING NOW IF HE WERE ACTUALLY IN TOWN. (Really not funny, Brooke. I was sleeping like a baby that morning, but I forgive you). Or, n e r d a l e r t!!!, it might have something to do with my first Organic Biochemistry test on Monday that I'm strangely excited about! OR it might have something to do with the fact that last week was quite possibly the worst week of my life and things can only go up from here.

I kind of look at this little situation like postpartum depression. No mother wants to admit after giving birth that she isn't madly in love with her child...... I feel the same pressure here (in different regions of my body of course. haha sorry). I don't want to openly admit that I'm not madly in love with Oklahoma and school right now. But then again, I just did, so maybe maybe I do want to. I've just been so excited about this opportunity for sooooo long, planning my dive and diving my plan, preparing for grueling curriculum, a crazy schedule, meeting tons of new people, completely changing career paths! And here I am, a month into it, feeling unchallenged by classes with WAY too much free time, and I've met a handful of married 23 year olds that just can't hold a candle to the souls I love and miss so dearly in Houston.

So here's the good news. That was last week. I was able to recognize and process this black cloud over my head and found a little box to put it in. It went something like this. Step 1. cut a hole in the box. Step 2, put your junk in the box. Step 3... throw away the box (I don't know what you were thinking, but this is a family blog)

I threw that bitch so far, it threw my shoulder out. Along with my back.

But my back can only get better, my sore throat is almost gone, I visited THREE precious little places that were so Houston-esque it made my heart smile, and I'm gonna kick ass on my orgo exam Monday. Operation Oklahoma Optimism has commenced. Oh happy day.

And I JUST decided I'm going to the mall tomorrow. I'm not into retail therapy so much as workout therapy, but given the circumstances, damnit, I'm buying myself something.

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