Tuesday, September 21, 2010

QuickQuick Slow Slow right through Brookie's Birthday, Baby

I L O V E T O D A N C E.... mostly after really fantastic news or 2-3 drinks, but Alyssa and I have dance parties in her room occasionally for no reason. And that's where I had my first dance with my nephew.

Our dance of choice was a two-step. I tried really hard to follow, but had to take over halfway through. All in all, it was a great dance.

p.s. I love taking pictures with this littleprecioushead because, well, I love him. But also because he makes me feel REALLY tan. I've started calling him The Other Other White Meat.

And 30 years ago today, his momma (from whom he got those baby blues and white hues) was born... the Honor of the Anderson family. Literally, I tell you.

I remember our childhood like it was yesterday. Or mainly the stories that other people tell me because I have a terrible memory. But I what I DO remember is Brooke teaching us to spit watermelon seeds 20 years ago... "like thiii-es" ... and I also remember her catching me sneaking out once or twice and threatening my life ... or crying like a baby as I sped down McDermott at 5am trying to catch everyone THAT FORGOT ME AT THE HOUSE and were on their way to the airport to ship her to the Naval Academy!! ... and I fondly remember having a nervousness heart attack during my toast at her wedding ... and seeing her with her newborn baby for the very first time, all smitten and sleep deprived and endlessly in love ... what a trip through life, sister. Love you dearly. Happy Birthday :)

Does anyone else think it's really sad that those Thanksgiving photos from TWO THOUSAND SIX AND SEVEN are the last sister pictures I have on file of us?? Other than this series, of course...

That was a fun little flashback. Now it's dinner time. And mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (Serving II) time. Peace.

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