Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day In The Life of Vin and Auntie Ash

Just in case you were wondering... phonetically, it's pronounced "an-ee ash". Thank you for respecting my chosen name and saying it correctly. The baby may struggle with it at first, but I'll make sure it sticks.

SO. Until Brooke chooses a nanny (at which point we will throw a party), Alyssa and I keep Vin on Thursdays. Oh how we cherish our time with the OtherOther White Meat. I REALLY REALLY cherish nap time and bottle time. BECAUSE I strive to adhere to the lifestyle outlined by his parents, as those are important aspects of raising him in a structured routine........................... and also because he is very quiet during those times. And because I think it's funny to feed him in non-traditional positions when he gets squirmy.

Today I asked him if he wanted to do a photo shoot, and being MY nephew, was all "DUH. Get your camera lady." So I did and he struck the perfect pose.

Then we played a new game I call 'Chase Me Around This Ottoman, You'll Like That"... and he did

It wasn't until the Zany Zoo that things got crazy with Auntie Ash. He likes it when I get crazy.

But because he's an introvert, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY, he asked me to leave him alone for a minute with the balloons to recharge.

But, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY, he was back for more Auntie Ash in no time



cclem said...

You're so ridiculous but like your family I keep coming back for more. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Say what you wish, anee ash, but I can most certainly see some MCDONALD BLOOD in that smile. And thats a fact:) he may not be a cowboy yet but there's always hope! uncle james

Smartash said...

haha hey Uncle James - fancy seeing you here! I'll watch my mouth now that I know you're reading :) Stay tuned for an Allen, Oklahoma Homecoming Events recap... what a blast we had. Lovelove