Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain

I'm so very excited to bring you this installment of Musings of a Monkey Mind from my brand new room in Oklahoma City! Officially a student, a Sooner, a member of the 16th Street Village and a professional Target go-er (seriously, I went 5 times in my first 2 days I moved here), I'm settled and loving it :)

My room is a mishmash of something old, something new, something borrowed and something... goo... because I just spilled my massage candle and I'm pissed. But anyway, I'm next door to the sweetest little pooper in town, and I don't mean Alyssa. I really never thought I'd wipe someone's exploding butt while smiling and whistling a pleasant melody, but I did and take a look at these pictures...

Just TRY to tell me you don't wanna wipe his butt?! Ugh. And for those of you that feared for Max's sanity with all 3 Lippy Anderson Females under one roof, IN YOUR FACE!! We've only had one fight so far. Alyssa the savage beast ran after me with red eyes and sounds of the devil when I closed her Facebook page. I knew better than to play with fire. It won't happen again.

But besides that little jewel, I don't have to get my car inspected thanks to this great state, I get to unwind at our lakehouse as often as I want (and see my parents there because apparently they go every weekend), I get a student discount at the movies, and I'll actually get to enjoy a FALL SEASON. Did you guys in Houston know they actually have mid-range temps in other cities?? I mean, it's AUGUST and I thought I needed a jacket this morning. I A M I N H E A V E N.

School started Monday and I couldn't be happier with everything. Except parking. Don't even get me started, because I'm premenstrual and might cry if I have to relive the nightmare of being 20 minutes late to Foods Lab and being stuck with Timothy McVeigh as a lab partner for the entire semester. That's probably not funny anymore now that I live a few blocks from the memorial, but it's true. Either way, school is fascinating. If you're even thinking about getting pregnant, please make sure you find one of the 75 (out of 233!) prenatal vitamins that actually meets the recommended daily allowance of Iodine for pregnant women. Since the majority of my 6 readers are men, that was a pointless sentence, but that's neither here nor there. I'm learning and I wanted to share. And I also think it's worth sharing that I went from undergrad at liberal central where people with dreads would come to class barefoot with their dogs, or go on organized naked runs through campus... to graduate school at conservative central where it's in the HANDBOOK that we can't wear jeans, show cleavage and must have "an attractive hairstyle" or else we will be "counseled". NIGHT AND DAY. When I think about it, it's perfect for me.

I hope I'll want to go back to work when I finish my dietetic internship. You know, to pay off the loans I have from NOT working and all. But this is just too fun!!

Brooke, can I stay forever as your grocery shopper? I promise to update this blog more often.........DON'T ANSWER NOW. Just think about it :)

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