Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Halloweekend 2K10

There's nothing quite like Halloween in this Oklahoma City neighborhood. I learned that last year when I came to host Brooke's baby shower (which kind of deserves a flashback for the brilliant theme "A Baby Boy is Brewing!" C'mon now, how cute is that???)

This year though I got to see the festivities every day... driving through the streets watching the creepiness unfold...

These people seriously go ALL OUT with skeletons coming up out of the grass, boarding up their windows and caution taping their lawns... one house even built up scaffolding and designed it like a ship for pirates to stand on and scare trick-or-treaters. I can't hardly wait for Christmas to throw up here! With the decorative possibilities and the really, really good chance of snow, it might be my favorite Christmas e v e r :)

So this year, my friend Cody came up and we spent the weekend gallivanted around the city. I got to embarrass my bffl by talking/yelling at her belly in a large crowd of people (dude, I had to teach her baby how to dougie and she couldn't hear me with all the drunks around!)

I've always wanted to be a cheerleader. That's a lie. But I HAVE always wanted to be a Sooner fan, and what better way to show my spirit than to be totally cheesy and pose in a cardboard cut out?? I don't think there IS a better way.

So at some point during that not-so-freezing Halloween night game, the mood struck me to dress up and go out. This was totally UNpremeditated, but I decided the infamous Pocahontas costume needed to see the dance floor this year, so I took one for the team and made it happen. And guess who I ran into on the way to the dancefloor! My buffalo!! What are the odds, right? Haven't seen that guy in ages. He looked really good... a little stiff, but good...

It was pretty fantastic. But not as fantastic as being a total VIP at the Thunder game on Sunday. It's good to know the GM :) And although we're not acting like VIP's in this particular picture, I promise I behaved myself.

I wish I could say the same for Cody when these "ladies" showed up

More importantly though, we had the pleasure of watching this Thunder fan show his enthusiasm, amongst other things, the w h o l e game

It was totally hilarious and entertaining, and also a fantastic reminder of why I'm back in school to become a Registered Dietitian.

So this time next week, I'll be in Houston for Nikki's wedding. So much happiness coursing through my veins, I can't hardly stand myself! And many of you will be pleased to know, I'm not tanning in the tanning beds for the wedding. Instead, I'm advocating backyard tanning in cold weather and changing the old elementary program tagline to... I'm Proud To Be Cancer Free!

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