Friday, November 19, 2010

DVD Part II - Year One

Life for DVD began one stinkin' year ago today.

I remember it like it was yesterday...... but mostly because I can go back to my blog entry of his arrival and relive every second. It was rather entertaining, from the first phone call from mom at the butt-crack of dawn to the call from dad right after he was born to let me hear him scream :) Little did I know I'd be hearing that scream up close and personal for years to come. Now it's a little different. Like louder and not quite as deserved as traveling down the birth canal for many, many hours. But for some reason I still look forward to hearing him every morning around 7-7:15am. That's L O V E for ya.

On his actual birthday, we took him to a precious new cupcake shop in town called Pinkitzle. I guilt tripped Brooke into thinking she was a bad mom for not giving him a Pinkitzle cupcake on his birthday, so the whole family (new nanny included!) piled into the car for a trip downtown. It was just as fantastic as ever. Candy out the wazoo, glitzy, black and white decor, $17 bows for babygirl heads, taffy spilling over huge cement birdbaths, big pink horses you can pose on, an authentic circus themed party room! ugh. I could LIVE there.

Vincent enjoyed it too, but not as much as his real birthday party. Great grandma, Pops and Mimi came for a small family celebration on Saturday and it was just delightful. I never understood why parents have knock-down-drag-out first birthday parties. I mean, there are at least 17 others to throw that they'll actually remember! Take it easy. But momma/Brooke did well...... if Vin could live anywhere besides Pinkitzle, it'd be in a banana...... so Brooke made him a banana cake from scratch with a cream cheese icing. Y o u g u y s, it was delish.

Ugh, I could steal kisses from those baby blues all day long (p.s. I promise we did more than just feed him sugar for his birthday).

So for the obligatory 1 year update: he's not quite walking yet, but we think it's close - you can feel his center of gravity strengthening when you're holding his hands !! He's eating like an adult already, which is evidenced by the lack of cake on his face above. Great table manners. He knows a few baby signs: "light", "milk", "all done" and "you look beautiful in that outfit, Auntie Ash". Being able to communicate with him is pretttty cool, even when he isn't complimenting me. He's SUPER responsive to the word "no", even if you aren't saying it to him. I often get stage-3-square-mouth cries on accident when I say it too loudly in his presence. It's pretty freaking hilarious. He still goes for the tags on every stuffed animal or blanket he gets his hands on, can climb up the stairs and dismount a couch like a pro. He's developed the most amazingly contagious laugh. I just can't get enough bottle feeds and snuggles and sniffs of his little self.

I can't believe he was a bump on a log 12 months ago and now he's a vibrant ball of energy. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next.....

Happy Birthday my babyboyhead Bincent/Vincenzo/other other white meat. Auntie Ash loves the dirty diaper out of you.

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