Monday, October 25, 2010

Pi R Round

I'll begin this post with a little diddy for Coffee. Thank you, Caffeine, for making this post possible. If it weren't for you and everything you do to my extremely responsive system, I wouldn't have the confidence that I could write this post and still be up for many, many more hours... hours that I need to study for my exam tomorrow over Glycolysis, metabolism and basically everything God knew when he created us! Impossible, you say?? YES, YOU JUST MIGHT BE RIGHT, but with Caffeine, anything is possible!

So here we go.

Last week was a rough one. On Wednesday, I had what will forever be known as The Meringue Disaster. I'm fortunate enough to get to learn about the science behind making fantastic foods like pastries. So in foods lab, we got to make our own pies from scratch. I was so excited to bring home a schoolmade pie to Max (as a small thank you for living rent free, ya dig?). I slaved over my pie crust, making sure it was the perfect consistency, rolled out with the perfect amount of flour, pinched off perfectly when placed in my pie pan. It was just beautiful. I slaved over the filling, of which I tasted. many times. and it was a m a z i n g. I slaved over the meringue. Dear God, I slaved over that meringue, but all of it was fantastic! I even sprinkled some coconut on top that browned perfectly in the oven. Everyone was complimenting my pie... ooohhhh-ing and ahhhhh-ing over my creation. So just before I was about to head home to present this DELIGHT to Max, I noticed there was just a bit of water on one side of the pie sitting between the crust and the meringue layer. I just couldn't leave well-enough alone. I slowly tipped the pie over and ..... BAM ..... my entire meringue layer slid right off the top of the pie into the dirty sink. Everyone gasped. I screamed. I almost cried. I loved that pie. So I did what any brokenhearted girl would do. I ate it. Almost all of it. In 5 minutes. Which was also not the greatest decision.

RIP Coconut Cream, you will be missed.

I didn't get a picture of my pie before it died, but if I had, I would have posted it here. So instead, here are some pics of The OtherOther White Meat. Pretty much sweeter than pie.

back to the books. Stay tuned for my Halloween weekend recap. Oh boy.


Janelle said...

I just got myself caught up...and it was fabulous :)loves.

Smartash said...

double Loves.