Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wherein I Pack 2 Large Events Into 1 Post

Oh my goodness, a wave of Busy hit me like a ton of bricks the last few weeks! I have so many things to say! But instead, they've been written down on OCD lists or acted out through immaturely antagonizing my sisters.

All I can manage right now is:

H o l y M o l y, last week was full of firsts. I felt an earthquake and went out with the Okies! Both occasions rocked my world (so cheesy, but I had to)

OUHSC MAs 2011 Inaugural Party (otherwise known as "Dietitians Can Drink Too, Ya Know")

and the birthday girl (who I'm actually related to in the most bizarre and indirect way) with a death grip on her Edna's Lunchbox. I chugged one with her because it's what you do at Edna's. I'm surprised it didn't come right back up immediately. I'll never have one again.

and the guy that lied to me about his dancing skills when he asked me to teach him how to two-step, but I don't care because he was hilarious. And probably gay. I'm just sayin, he practically forced me to pose for a picture with him, then requested to see each one and told me to delete the bad ones. I take that back. He's totally gay and I love him.

As far as the earthquake... 4.3 on the Richter scale feels a lot like a full body muscle spasm for 45 seconds. SO COOL. I wish I had a picture of the damage, but luckily Uncle James was on top of it:

Just can't escape the sarcasm in this family. I cherish that.

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