Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who's Your Daddy

I've been waiting for some inspiration for this blog post.

Some might say the 15+ inches of snow we've had here in OKC in the last 2 weeks is inspiration enough, but SHAME ON ME, what do I have to show for it? Just these photos taken from the comfort of central heat and the PJs I didn't change out of in 72 hours.

The first snow day was so fun! The anticipation of the white fluffiness, the canceled classes, the family time . . . then the second, third and fourth days came and I started to feel my muscles atrophy and brain cells die. I needed stimulation. Then we went back to school! It was great! FOR ONE DAY. Until the next snow storm came through, and then the white fluffiness just became a nuisance.

I could tell you about yesterday when I forgot to leave the hot water faucet on drip and the pipes to the upstairs bathroom froze, but that's embarrassing, so let's move on.

Instead, I'll tell you about why it's a bittersweet day in the 16th Street Village. While I'm being held hostage by my bed, recovering from the mildest form of the stomach bug going around the house, I can hear my broNlaw singing and working and spending quality time with the OtherOtherWhiteMeat. Hearing a dad playing with his son doesn't normally send me into a sinking depression, but M is leaving for Norfolk tomorrow on the next journey of his career with the Navy :(

Who else is going to bring home a seasonal smorgasbord of tasty beer beverages for me to sample?? And while my sister is incredibly intelligent, very few can hold a candle to our Walking Encyclopedia. I might actually have to start looking things up again! That also makes me sad. Don't even get me started on how handy it is to have him around in times of freezing pipes. But even more than all those things, I'm sad that the OtherOtherWhiteMeat has no idea what's about to happen and is surely going to miss him.

I'll try my hardest to mimic the masculine BET dance moves M taught him and grunt with sound effects, but you just can't fake testosterone and you just can't replace Dad.

GEEZ - I'm not one for sappy blog posts, but way to kick me while I'm down! As I was typing this, M was putting the OtherOtherWhiteMeat down for bed and all I heard was, "...I'll be far away, but I'll be thinking of you every day. And we'll talk on the phone and we'll..."

You have to be a freaking tin man to hear that and NOT curl up in the fetal and cry yourself to sleep!

Or maybe I'm just emotional because we'll have a newborn here in 4 months and I can kiss my beloved sleep goodbye. I can't really separate the two right this second. I've been in bed all day, I'm going crazy.

I know it's not forever, but an entire year sure seems that way right now. We'll miss you, M xoxox

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Janelle said...

sometimes I think I can fake testosterone pretty well... ;)