Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deserves Its Own Post

My notoriously worthless co-worker took a business call this morning! and THAT, my friends, is noteworthy.

This phone call is one of a handful of work-related conversations this man has had at his desk in the two years I've been sitting here. This is not an over exaggeration. He does nothing. He strolls around the property flirting with anything that walks, disappears from his desk for HOURS at a time.

Lately I've been overcome with a sense of guilt and lack of serious motivation for my job, since I know my last day is just around the corner, but this colleague of mine makes me feel better about myself on a daily basis... because at least I work harder than he does.

But today, TODAY, he took a business call. As painful as it was to listen to, because let's face it... practice makes perfect and he doesn't have much practice... he tried to sell our facility.

Just goes to show you - never say never

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