Friday, June 18, 2010

bing Bing BING!

Like a pinball machine, my thoughts:

I am officially CPR certified. I'm glad to be armed with the knowledge, but I truly hope I never have to use it... mostly because real people aren't plastic and don't come with freshly sanitized mouths... but also because trauma sucks.

I want to identify exactly where the fine line is between 'withholding information to spare feelings' and 'lying'.

I got another friggin ticket to add to my repertoire. This really isn't funny, because this time, I broke the law so soon after my last ticket, I'm not eligible for defensive driving to decrease the cost and consequence. Ugh. $235 for floating a stop sign, for reals?

I hate white chocolate. I don't even know why it was invented. It definitely doesn't belong in cookies.

I dreamed my big sister decorated my room with kinetic formulas. For the record, she has much better taste than that, but it really freaked me out about gradschool.

Father's Day is Sunday. My father has been a father for 29 years. But only my father for 27. And Alyssa's for 20. Now aint that somethin'.

If I were a toll booth collector, I would definitely wear plastic gloves.

My nephew is officially crawling and we couldn't be more excited! Seriously, it's like the 8th wonder of the world (especially because they're about to tear down the Astrodome). I'm wondering if my family will be as excited when I learn to do something... like filter my thoughts?


Janelle said...

Love! Coming here always gives me (a tiny bit of) my Ash filling but makes me miss you that much more. HOLY GRADSCHOOL! Skype date again soon---before you disappear from my life (and the world as you know it) for...2 years?!

cclem said...

He's just now crawling???