Sunday, December 5, 2010

1,850 Kcals and 1,000 Pics

According to the Diabetic Exchange list, that's the number of calories I consumed until I stopped counting around 3pm on Thanksgiving..... gross. Someone stick a fork in me, cause I am so done. But trust me, I didn't let any of my newfound nutrition education keep me from eating anything, so quit rolling your eyes. I had my customary 2 helpings of everything, 3 crescent rolls, 3 slivers of each of mom's pies (apple, cherry and pumpkin) and alllll the fixins. But other than overeating on National Overeat Day, I got to do some cool things...

Drive my dad's almost finished toy - 1965 Ford truck. It's a standard with just 3 gears. Really goes to show you how slow the pace was 45 years ago if a car's highest gear was THREE.

Just a beautiful piece of the 60's waiting for me right there in Lucas, Texas (it's gonna be mine when dad dies!!!!). We also got to see Vin's hard work come to fruition as he took his first steps :) He started out rather unstable a few weeks ago, but a little practice makes perfect and BAM, I fear for the safety of all breakables in our house in the months to come. The little boy is on the loose.

It was also the Year of Hair and Funny Faces. Vin got a mohawk

and I got a new sister. Everyone, please meet Alyssa's dark brunette "special" twin, Alisha. At least she's got a nice personality.

and as much as I'd like to solely throw her under the bus for taking the Weird Award of the holiday, here are my contributions. VINCENT LOVES THAT FACE, MIND YOU.

And in the name of no nightmares for my readers, I'll conclude with some sweet, normal family moments

I lub us.


Janelle said...

There is a picture missing. Fix it pronto---the suspense is killing me. Thanks. bye.

Smartash said...

What pic??