Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Tid Bit Overdue

There comes a time in a young blogger's life when a hiatus from the intense pressures of blogging is necessary to rediscover inspiration... do you even know what it feels like to have readers waiting with bated to breath to soak the living entertainment out of your creations??? BUT I WILL NOT DENY MY CALLING. I accept this mission as my duty. I have a responsibility to my peoples to perform, and I shall.

For reals, February 26th was a looong time ago. To put that into perspective for you:

May is 3 months after February.

February belongs to the winter season. May belongs to the Spring season.

I had a 3 month old nephew then. He's now 6 months old.

Tiger issued an apology in February. He's still a cheater in May. Okay, okay - I take it back.

But speaking of 6 month olds. You know what I love? How every single mother in the history of the universe thinks their baby is a supersmart genius because they discover their feet a few weeks before the books say they should or because their shit don't stink or something. Pretty much annoying. Having said that though, it's totally okay for Aunts to claim these things. After all, my direct DNA didn't construct this fully operational mini-person. Sooo my incredibly advanced, soon-to-be 6 month nephew is eating prime rib! Sometimes with steak sauce and garlic mashed potatoes, AND he uses a fork.

Okayokayokay, not exactly... but he really likes beef and he's friggin cute.

In other news, this little light of mine looks more like a Batman flood light right now. Oh happy day, I am officially a Sooner!!! Sooner born and Sooner bred, but never quite made it there for undergrad. I'm OU-Health-Science-Center-in-Oklahoma-City bound in August :) I would say I'm happy as a lark, but this is a lark:

So maybe I'm happy as Brandi Chastain

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Janelle said...

Bout damn time!!! OMG....school in 2 months! Whoa! You're gonna disappear forever---which means I should start working a trip to OK into my October visit now. Yikes!