Monday, February 15, 2010

The Jury Is Out

As a 27 year old, I've hit most of the obligatory milestones on the road to being an actual adult. I got a job, bought a car, pay all my own bills, file my own taxes, set my own curfew... I even developed an aversion to politics... but there is one thing I haven't done yet and it's starting to bother me. In my defense, it's completely out of my control, but I'm pretty much dying to join the ranks of the millions of other adults that complain about this.


I want a Get Out Of Work Free card! I want a free boxed lunch! I want the opportunity to sit with other randoms and lie about something so I don't get chosen! It's like a right of passage into actual adulthood. Why can't the ridiculous government find me?


egb said...

They found me! The week before I was leaving H-town I got the notice. Luckily, it was for a few weeks after I 'moved' so I got to join the ranks of people desperately trying to get out of it.

I think there are better adult things you could strive for.

Preggo said...

Hahahaha. Good timing. Special K is at jury duty as we speak. Just got a text msg from him that they are selling 'tiny coffees for $1' and that 'that is shit'. Sure you still want to join this rank of maturity?!?