Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LOLer For Life

For gdsake, why does everyone take themselves so damn seriously? I understand there's "a time and a place" and blahblahblah, but isn't the most important thing in life to be happy... which happens to be characterized by the present day smile... which happens to be caused by HUMOR?? Lighten up.

If you're walking down the hall alone and you trip, don't pretend it didn't happen, and PLEASE don't break into a jog for 4 steps, because everyone knows what you're doing. Pretty people trip, you know. And so do smart people. Here's what you do: chuckle at yourself and say, "sniper!"

See how this humor thing can work for you?

Some professional mountain climbers that take themselves too seriously might not think this picture is particularly funny, but I do. And I'm sure it'll put a smile on the face of my 3 readers, so humor works for me.

Tim Gard was the keynote at a luncheon I attended today. The man has all the answers. I was in hysterics the entire time he was speaking, on the verge of wetting my panties even. He made me realize that I shouldn't be embarrassed about my tendency to laugh in boring or awkward situations. That loving humor, even in the workplace, doesn't make me immature. Humor works for me. when we were busted by cops at our after prom house party with a margarita machine. According to the cop that took himself too seriously, this probably wasn't the best time to laugh. But I did, because something was funny. I couldn't tell you what it was because that was a decade ago, and I was drunk, but that's neither here nor there. The important thing is that I was laughing. And wasn't incarcerated.

Annnyyywaayy -- truth is, I officially refuse to be embarrassed that I find humor in everything.

The One Who Has Her Marbles


cclem said...

I love your humor even if it's forbidden in the workplace. You bring smiles to many. None of which are professional mountain climbers.

Preggo said...

I saw nothing funny about your picture. Mountain climbing is an incredibly serious sport. As is beer pong, Wii boxing and the incredibly difficult Olympic sport curling.